Risk & Compliance Management

We are in a position to pre-empt the risk situations inherent to the transport of project loads, and respond to them immediately in order to avoid increasing a client’s operating costs and/or the loss of the shipment.



Risk Advisory

We identify, analyse, assess and propose measures for all those situations that may have a negative impact on the shipment operations clients have entrusted to us.


Risk Assurance

We track down and manage the arrangement of the best solutions available on the insurance market at any given time in order to provide coverage for the different types of risks identified.


Team of experts in Risk Management

Reliable methodology for the early detection and management of risks: Risk Architecture Strategy & Protocols

International Insurance Programmes

Policies with the necessary coverage to cater for each risk

Ability of the technical team at Erhardt Projects to pre-empt and foresee possible risks thanks to their protracted experience in complex project transport operations

Simple, Safe, Efficient

At Erhardt Proyectos, we combine experience, technical expertise, method, dedication and passion to ensure each operation is a success.