Social Responsibility

We are wholly committed to Erhardt’s Social Responsibility Policy. Its rules and regulations govern our conduct at all times regarding the different stakeholders we engage with through the performance of our duties.

Social Responsibility Policy

At Erhardt, we believe in sustainable growth from an economic, social and environmental perspective.

Our remit is to provide services of the highest quality in a responsible and efficient manner in pursuit of economic growth and value creation for our clients, shareholders, workforce, partner companies, public administrations and society at large, fostering the development of the social environment in which we operate and making rational use of the natural resources our business requires.

In observance of this policy on social responsibility, we embrace the following commitments:

  • We follow responsible recruitment processes designed to increase the rate of employment and combat social exclusion.
  • We support actions that favour health and safety in the workplace among our own workforce, and greater responsibility among our contractors within this same field.
  • We raise an understanding and awareness among our workforce of the need to reduce our environmental impact.
  • We promise to comply with the principles set forth in the United Nations Global Compact.


Health and safety first!

We are fully aligned with Erhardt’s Policy on Health & Safety in the Workplace, Quality and the Environment. According to its guidelines, we ensure each project is of the utmost quality, the protection and wellbeing of our team and those working with us, and respect and care for the environment.

We are Responsible and Committed

Everything we do is well thought out, planned, organised and undertaken according to HSSEQ policies.

Our teams have embraced them in their daily approach and performance.


Erhardt has been awarded the Quality, Safety, Security and Environmental Certificates the sector requires, and which are applicable to all its companies.

At Erhardt Proyectos, furthermore, we are in possession of the specific certifications our particular business requires..