JULY 20, 2019

After weighing up various options, three Transformers were shipped by rail to the port, where they were loaded on a vessel little more than 100 m in length, equipped with two cranes with a lifting capacity of 275 t.

At the end of the sea voyage the transformers were unloaded onto a barrage using the vessel’s own cranes. The cargo was placed on beams to enable Ro-Ro unloading to take place at the port of destination.

Once they were on the barge, the transformers were floated up river, with two tractor units being used to ensure that they could be taken off the barge without problems. After little more than eight hours sailing the three transformers were positioned in the storage area on time and as planned, to the satisfaction of the customer.

  • Load: Electrical transformers weighing over 250 t each
  • Types of transportation: rail, sea and river.

Erhardt Proyectos handles this type of transport for special projects in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, the USA, South America, Mexico and elsewhere.

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