Project Cargo is a complicated sector characterized by the handling of heavy or oversized loads that requires innovative and customized logistic solutions for their transportation, in which the combination of logistic and engineering know-how is crucial to ensure the success of each operation.

The application of new technologies to this mix of logistic and engineering know-how, allows the creation of value-added services that facilitate the management and control of the operations in real time, and anticipates unnecessary risks and costs that could affect the project in terms of deadlines and/or costs.

One of these value-added services is the ongoing traceability and visibility of logistics operations, particularly relevant for logistics operations of heavy, super-heavy and/or oversized pieces, where any error that may occur cannot be reversed.

At NETERH we already have this service active, for all types of project cargo, whether heavy and/or oversized. In a single space, the customer can manage all its logistics operations from start to finish, visualize the route and the state of the cargo from its origin to its destination and could request and obtain, from the field staff, images of the cargo at different times as well as the documentation required for transport.

With NETERH the customer can manage all its logistics operations from start to finish

In addition to these services, it is possible to anticipate and manage risks associated with each type of operation, receive and/or send the information required by the insurance company concerning the insurance and policies to be contracted, contact specialists, access the traceability of suppliers and reserve resources, for heavy and/or oversized cargo operations.

Allows to obtain more details of the services, which can be customized according to the needs and logistic requirements of each client.

It is possible to anticipate and manage the risks associated with each type of operation

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