A large group of staff from Erhardt Logistics met in Burgos on 10-11 October for a “Team Building and Business” event, seeking to foster cooperation and transversality between the business units of the division and thus boost its development.

The event was attended by 45 management staff representing Erhardt Bermeo, Erhardt Eco Marítima, Erhardt Ertransit, Erhardt Lines, Erhardt Projects, Erhardt Shipping Services, Atlas Forwarding, Marítima Consiflet, TMGA, TAV, Erhardt Mediterráneo and Terminal Marítima de Cartagena, 12 of the 22 member companies of Erhardt Logistics, drawn from various offices.

After the welcome on arrival, day one was packed with team building events to facilitate “connection and multi-unit team-working”. The idea was to enhance communication, strengthen interpersonal relationships and align individual goals with the shared goals of the division.

Day two was opened by Alberto Uriarte, the CEO of the division, who shared information on the origins, purposes, organisation diagram, main facts and figures and governing bodies of the new company, as a basis for constructing a shared vision. Following the presentation, it was the turn of the attendees to explain their ideas and move forward in building Erhardt Logistics.

They were split into 6 multi-unit panels led by Carmen Aragón, Patricio Erhardt, Igor Muñiz, Marta Ramos and Ronald Twigt, all members of the Management Committee of Erhardt Logistics. They discussed the drivers for growth, capturing and holding on to the talent and the assets and resources needed in different management areas – financial, technological, commercial and marketing, among others –  to make Erhardt Logistics a day-to-day reality.

“The event exceeded our initial expectations. People were fully engaged, open and excellently predisposed to cooperate. Some great contributions were made. There is a great deal of work yet to be done, but I could not be prouder of or more grateful to the team of great professionals who make up Erhardt Logistics”, concluded Mr. Uriarte.

The event was a great success, and fostered empathy, generosity and a sense of responsibility among the participants. It was an opportunity to the enhance skills and interests of individuals and their units alike, and at the same time created a sense of belonging to ERHARDT.

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