During the first half of 2022, ERHARDT PROJECTS transported more than 9,000 tons between continents, with critical pieces of more than 1,360 tons and more than 46 metres in length.

The first 6 months of the year were intense in terms of spot & heavy lifting operations for the ERHARDT PROJECTS Technical (Engineering) and Operational Teams, which were successfully completed thanks to the close relationship with our customers, which allowed us to design ingenious and fully customised solutions for each operation requested, and to the TEAM’s mix of knowledge, method and passion.

Transformers with maximum weights of 260/300 tons, gas slug catchers weighing between 900 and 1200 tons and reactors weighing between 730 and 1360 tons were some of the parts transported between Europe and USA, India and King Saudi Arabia and China and Singapore respectively, in different shipments, some of them taking place simultaneously in different countries, which required our TEAM’s to be present at the origins and/or destinations of each operation to ensure their success.

Although the conceptual and detailed design phases form a basis of reliability and safety so that these types of operations can be executed safely, their success would not be possible without the communication and collaboration of all the parties involved in order to anticipate and minimise any potential risks that may occur while carrying out the operation said Alejandro Cañas, Director of the Technical Engineering Department of Erhardt Projects.

Belén Fernandez Flores, the Operations Manager, feels that the ability to react immediately to problems and unforeseen events that may arise on site during the operation, and looking for on the spot alternatives and/or solutions is essential to avoid planning problems and increased costs for the customer”.

Alvaro Rodriguez, Senior Transport Engineer, points out that experience of human talent tin similar operations, knowing the regulations in each country, and selecting the appropriate means and partners for each operation also contribute to the success of this type of operation, especially in cargo origins and/or destinations with strong regulatory restrictions, precarious means and/or political instability”.

“Managing the operation from start to finish, having an integral view or overview of the operation, supervising all in-house and subcontracted elements and making the right decisions during the execution will not only help to achieve the expected results, but will also provide the customer with the visibility and security they need in this respect” commented Madrid Branch Manager, Alberto Rodriguez Sigüenza.

Marian España, Bilbao Branch Manager, concluded that “the cornerstones of our success are based on our knowledge and experience in these types of operations, continuous contact with the customer, flexibility when it comes to adapting to changes and unforeseen events, and permanent availability while carrying out these operations, together with passion for what we do”.

TEAM’s mix of knowledge, method and passion… Talent, experience and passion make us unstoppable

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