ERHARDT Proyectos has handled the logistics for equipment for a paper mill, including five special-sized items (evaporators weighing 132 t and standing 8 m high) which proved impossible to transport by road from the port to their final location, so that they had to be unloaded from the ship onto river barges.

The products arrived at the port by sea and were unloaded onto a floating dock, on which they were towed to their final destination. River and subsequent overland transportation took place entirely at night so as not to interfere with daytime traffic in the towns affected.

  • Load: Equipment for a paper mill, weighing 132 t and with a maximum height of 8 m.
  • Types of transportation: by sea, river and overland to the final destination.

Erhardt Proyectos handles this type of transport for special projects in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, the USA, South America, Mexico and elsewhere.

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