Occupational Health and Safety: a crucial element of ERHARDT `PROJECTS’ Value Chain and Proposition

Occupational Health and Safety concerns us all: it is necessary for employees and good for business.

As employers or managers we have a legal responsibility to protect our employees against occupational health and safety risks, but such protection is more than just an administrative duty. Rather, it is a critical part of excellent business management.

The success of a company starts with the success of the people who work at it, which often results from the combination of their skills and attitudes as well as their commitment and effort. Attracting and holding on to our teams is linked to the perception of safety, in its broadest sense, and to their development and growth.

Good health and safety conditions at work mean fewer occupational accidents and less sick leave, and reduce the administrative and legal costs of both.

But OHS goes much further, especially for smaller companies such as ours. Financial recovery from any incident is more difficult at such companies, and can result in the loss of customers and major contracts due to the departure of employees whose knowledge and experience make them irreplaceable in the short term, and/or due to increased absenteeism.

“At ERHARDT PROJECTS the Occupational Health and Safety of our employees is a PRIORITY, a crucial element of our Value Proposition and Value Chain. It undoubtedly contributes to the motivation, commitment and performance of the entire team, inspires confidence in potential investors, helps us gain and hold on to customers and adds value to the brand and goodwill,” says Igor Muñiz, CEO of the Company.

“Safety at Erhardt Projects is present in every activity and operation that we carry out, through our Integrated Occupational Health and Safety System, based on ISO 45001, the international standard of reference in this area. All our offices in Bilbao, Madrid and Abu Dhabi are ISO 45001 certified“, says Igor.

“Under this standard and system, we not only manage the safety of our own team but also that of all the suppliers and collaborators that we hire for the responsible, safe, efficient execution of the operations that our clients entrust to us. This standard also accompanies us in the detailed, customized design of each operation, extending safety to the entire supply chain involved”, Igor continues.

“In addition, ISO 45001 helps us to involve all our employees in safety, facilitating and speeding up the rooting of a Safety and Wellness Culture throughout the Company. The entire team is involved in safety-related activities in line with their positions at the company, and there are also channels and spaces through which they can be informed of and can participate in any action required and contribute good practices or suggestions that help to continue improving safety for everyone,” says Igor.

“Undoubtedly, well managed Occupational Health and Safety contributes to the distinguish our Company in competitive terms in our markets”, he concludes.

At ERHARDT PROJECTS the Occupational Health and Safety of our employees is a PRIORITY, a crucial element of our Value Proposition and Value Chain.

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