ERHARDT held its Annual Convention in Bilbao on May 25 and 26.

The second day of the 2023 Convention, the year of the company’s 141st anniversary (1882-2023), began with the words of Eugenio Erhardt, president of the company. He reviewed relevant events last year, which saw with significant growth and the opening of two new offices in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

The president highlighted that “2022 has turned out to be a good year for the different lines of business of the group, economically, in the confidence shown by customers and in the integration of our different services, capabilities and teams with the same objective: to provide the client with a unique service from start to finish”.

Patricio Erhardt and Alberto Uriarte presented ERHARDT LOGISTICS, the new entity that brings together all the logistics companies of the previous Logistics & Maritime Services Division with the objective of uniting the different businesses, services, assets and logistics capabilities of the ERHARDT Group under a single brand.

Throughout the Convention, the new initiatives that ERHARDT is carrying out in various areas were also presented, such as the digital transformation initiatives led by SERIKAT, an open innovation and venture client scheme with the consulting firm 27 Pilots led by ECO MARÍTIMA and the progress and growth of the Insurance & Risk Management Division.

The Convention closed with a discussion under the title “Ticket to Ride”, moderated by Eugenio Erhardt Barrenechea.

The Convention had started on Thursday with a LIFE LESSON by the DalecandELA Association, at which Jaime and his family and friends showed us how to work together to push society to fight against Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

This year, the motto chosen for the Convention was “Evolving” which, in the words of our President, “defines very well what the spirit of this company is, as we always strive to grow, to improve, to evolve”.

Evolving defines very well what the spirit of this company is, as we always strive to grow, to improve, to evolve.

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