A year to imagine the future of our common relations as one that will be full of achievements.

 On the occasion of the celebration of Spain’s National Day in the Emirates on 12 October, the Ambassador of Spain to the UAE, Iñigo de Palacio, and the President of the Spanish Business Council, Guillermo Cobelo, organised a reception at the iconic Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi, to which we were invited as members of the Spanish Business Council of the UAE.

All Spaniards residing in the Emirates and registered in the consular register were invited to the celebration. Around 1.400 people attended the event, which was chaired by the Ambassador himself, Iñigo de Palacio, with the active presence of Guillermo Cobelo and was supported by high-ranking local authorities, ambassadors and consuls from numerous countries and senior executives of Spanish companies. Erhardt Projects was represented by its General Manager and CEO of MEATI-APAC, Igor Muñiz.

The celebration was sponsored by 40 Spanish companies, members of the Spanish Business Council (SBC), including Técnicas Reunidas, Acciona, Airbus, CAF, Tubacex and Sener.

Guillermo Cobelo, took advantage of his speech to remind the attendees that “Spain counts, that Spain is past, present and future and that Spain represented by each and every one of the attendees could walk with “their heads held high” through the streets of Dubai, the Al Ain desert or the carpets of the Emirates Palace where the celebration took place. He pointed out that in spite of living through challenging and difficult times, being together and united there was no adversity that could not be overcome.

For his part, the Ambassador emphasised that it had been a year full of novelties in the life of the UAE and in the bilateral relations between the two countries, full of meetings, with high-level visitors and good understanding for a common agenda.

“It has been a year to decipher the keys to our relationship so far and to imagine the future of our common relations as one that will be full of achievements,” said Iñigo de Palacio.

As well, he showed noted that after its anniversary last year, the UAE had entered a new and exciting stage of its extraordinary development and strongly believed that the mutually appreciative nations to continue to move forward on this one.


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