NOVEMBER 05, 2019

Last week, ERHARDT PROYECTOS unveiled its new value proposal. The proposal is based on three pillars, which will henceforth be the cornerstones of its brand strategy: proximity to the customer (by means of better integration and digitalisation of the services), a highly-qualified team (a transport engineering department) and a global service (adapted to the worldwide needs of the customers).

The new value proposal is also backed by the launch of its new corporate image and its new website ( The new logo reflects the integration of services with the other Erhardt companies and expresses robustness and determination regarding the new future challenges that the company is facing.

The commitment of proximity to the customer is based on providing integrating transport services in the project’s real flows. Adaptability and flexibility are key parameters in this regard. Along with a customised digital supply chain, and in parallel to the traditional freight physical one, ERHARDT PROYECTOS becomes part of the customer’s value chain and merges the digital and physical works under an Industry 4.0 approach.

The commitment to always having a highly-qualified team is based on the reliability of its experts in chartering and in managing complex logistics projects, and on the recent setting up of an engineering team skilled in designing tailor-made solutions that guarantee the “transportability” of the most challenging equipment, by always offering innovative, reliable and real solutions.

The commitment to offering a global service refers to its ability to offer the customer better worldwide support by means of the Erhardt Group’s own structure and its select network of international stakeholders.




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