ERHARDT Projects opens a new branch in Türkiye (Istanbul) with the aim of addressing the needs of its clients in the Eurasian market.

The investment in this region reflects the commitment to support our clients and provide coverage for their constantly evolving needs, offering them a more efficient and predictable logistics service throughout the supply chain.

Türkiye, the 19th largest economy in the world, holds a significant position for the EU from an economic and geopolitical perspective, being a dynamic market and a noteworthy investor in the development of new infrastructures.

With this new movement, ERHARDT Projects strengthens its logistics capabilities in a region that benefits from notable interregional growth to offer sectorial solutions to the Industry, Oil & Gas, Energy, Renewables… without forgetting the thriving manufacturing industry that exports capital goods for the productive industry and energy.

According to Igor Muñiz, CEO of the company, “Türkiye, with its strategic position and role as a prominent investor in various industries, allows us to support the growing demand in the Energy market in this part of the world, leveraging our knowledge and experience, and adding our capabilities in Oil & Gas and Renewables worldwide.”

With a local team with extensive experience in Project Cargo, ERHARDT Projects consolidates its presence in strategic markets such as Spain, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and the USA. This expansion uniquely positions us to provide effective services and collaborate closely with our clients and partners around the world.

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