The company relies on CargoWise to continue to grow sustainably in its markets of operation.

In the three years since it launched its Internationalization Strategy, Erhardt Projects has managed to consolidate its position as an international project cargo logistics operator of reference and to increase its volumes and turnover significantly. It currently has operational offices in Spain, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and continues to progress steadily in its international expansion.

“To address a fast, diversified growth process such as ours, it is essential to have an integrated end-to-end value chain which reduces business start-up times and enables us to generate results as soon as possible,” says Erhardt Projects CEO Igor Muñiz.

CargoWise is the global transportation management system (TMS) of reference in the industry. It was chosen by the company to digitize its core business processes, from sales to invoicing, in order to create an integrated, secure, flexible, agile, and efficient chain to provide customers with solutions and services with the adaptability, immediacy, and quality that they expect.

“With the implementation of CargoWise we hope to increase the transparency and visibility of our entire chain, to be able to identify risks early in each part of it, to detect disruptions or unnecessary inefficiencies, and to be able to act immediately,” says Igor Muñiz.

CargoWise has specific modules that can be quickly adapted to provide end-to-end coverage for the activities of different types of logistics companies, including those specializing in project cargo, thus allowing for automated tasks and active monitoring of the resources involved in order to optimize time and costs, in a short time.

“The use of this software will make us more efficient and will free our specialists from low-value activities so that they can add their experience and talent to the planning, visualization, and management of key international logistics operations for our customers and for business growth in our strategic markets,” says Muñiz.

“From a management perspective, CargoWise will provide us with global reports with all the relevant data on operations, regardless of the origin, destination or office involved, which will help us make strategic decisions more quickly and reliably,” concludes Muñiz.

With the implementation of CargoWise we hope to increase the transparency and visibility of our entire chain.

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