ERHARDT Projects sponsored the event, where its USA Managing Director, Alberto R. Sigüenza, presented the supply chain challenges posed by the US Department of Energy’s program to modernize its electrical grid system. This program addresses the modernization of current infrastructure and the strategy to ensure a clean energy transition.

The Industry Navigator Conference is organized by the publication Transformers Magazine and was held from June 11 to 13 in Madrid. The Conference is a space to connect with industry leaders, discover trends and future opportunities offered by the current market dynamics.

 Investment, Shortage of Transformers, Artificial Intelligence, Asset Management and Sustainability were the topics addressed during the Conference, through presentations made by different industry experts in each subject.

 “The Conference has proven to be a unique space to talk with clients and experts, share the vision to better understand where the sector is going and create synergies to face the challenges that the energy transition is driving us towards, evolving our business models accordingly. Without a doubt, the Conference has proven to be a great professional and personal development experience” 

Alberto concludes at the end of the sessions.

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