Erhardt Projects, a ‘milestone’ in the United Arab Emirates that delivers results four months after its launch

We share the article published this week by Correo del Golfo, on the positioning and take-off of our Abu Dhabi subsidiary.

The company, belonging to ERHARDT, a Spanish company founded in 1882, is a member of the Spanish Business Council and Chamber of Commerce Spanish Office in UAE and provides coverage to the Project Cargo Sector in MEATI & APAC.

Erhardt Project Cargo & Logistics Middle East has landed in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Gulf region with the priority objective of covering the Project Cargo Sector in MEATI&APAC. It opened in Abu Dhabi last June and today, just four months later, it can talk about the “success” of its operations and a “milestone” in its history.

The short-term results being achieved by the company, one hundred percent owned by ERHARDT, are the result of its effective positioning in one of the regions with the highest growth expectations worldwide and with more investments in the development of sectors such as oil and gas, refineries, renewable energies or civil infrastructure.

Among other actions, it has become a member of the  Spanish Business Council (SBC) and Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce, in the United Arab Emirates, which currently brings together more than a hundred leading companies, most of them Spanish.

The General Manager of Erhardt Projects and CEO of MEATI &APAC, Igor Muñiz, said that the opening of the Abu Dhabi branch represents “a very important step in the strategy of offering an integrated, personalized and close logistics service to customers, as logistics chains become global”.

Erhardt Projects has incorporated local and international talent with a proven track record in the new subsidiary.

 “Accompanying our clients in their markets and strategic projects, forging long-term relationships of trust and being present where their decision-making centers are located, allows us to continue to consolidate our position as a global logistics operator,” Muñiz emphasized.

Erhardt Projects, which had been operating since 2021 mainly in an international market, adapted its corporate name in March of that year to better reflect the new reality associated with the opening of its subsidiary in the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

The company, convinced that “one of its greatest strengths is the multiculturalism and diversity of its teams and partners”, has incorporated in the new subsidiary local and international talent with a proven professional track record and is weaving alliances with local economic agents that immerse it in the idiosyncrasies of the area and contribute to accelerate its positioning in MEATI&APAC. Igor Muñiz: “We will continue to promote integrated services that help connect and simplify customers’ supply chain”.

Erhardt Project Cargo & Logistics Middle East is currently fully operational and immersed in the execution of important project cargo logistics tenders awarded by strategic clients in the region.

The combination of its assets – in-house transport engineering, tailor-made chartering service, Integrated Logistics Department and Digital Services Line – together with a high-performance team, with talent, experience, commitment, absolute dedication and vocation, is “undoubtedly” the key to its “success in the area despite the short time it has been there”, said Igor Muñiz.

“We will continue to promote integrated services that help connect and simplify the supply chain of customers to continue growing according to the planned process of expansion into new markets set out in our strategy,” he added.

For ERHARDT, a Spanish company founded in 1882, the opening in Abu Dhabi is a “new historical milestone” in its long history and a “new reality that contributes to its commitment to growth through the further internationalization of the group”.



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