“Surprising” was the word heard most at the ERHARDT LOGISTICS stand at Breakbulk in Rotterdam.

The word sums up the reaction of clients, friends, acquaintances and competitors on discovering the presence and commitment of the ERHARDT brand at Breakbulk, and even more so when they saw first-hand the new ERHARDT LOGISTICS project.

Many visitors already knew us, but even some of those who had done business with us were unaware of the true dimension of ERHARDT. Our presence at Breakbulk put us on the map of those suppliers classed as important and trustworthy.

ERHARDT LOGISTICS, ERHARDT’s new logistics sector entity, got a great reception at Breakbulk Europe, an event that brought together nearly 10,000 Project Cargo trade specialists from all over the world in Rotterdam on June 6-8.

The stand had an impact on the sector and in the first few hours of the event we welcomed more than 1,000 visitors, with a steady flow that reached peaks of 150 visitors per hour.

20 ERHARDT LOGISTICS specialists from Project Cargo, Chartering, Consignment and Forwarding dealt with visitors and presented our new project. The largest team was that from Project Cargo, led by Igor Muñiz, given that the fair focused on this logistics subsector.

The school of thought that emerged from the various conference panels of the event and the huddles with clients and suppliers was that there is a need for simpler logistics which eliminates complexities and keeps the client permanently informed.

All these key points come together in our new entity. Alberto Uriarte, CEO of the division and captain of the team at Breakbulk, considers that “the integration of services under the same brand simplifies logistical complexities, generates internal efficiencies, gives us greater visibility and weight in the market and results in a better customer service, with greater control of the end-to-end logistics chain”.

Likewise, Igor Muñiz says that the presence of ERHARDT PROJECTS at Breakbulk Rotterdam 2023 in particular certainly helps to consolidate the internationalization strategy on which the company has embarked.“The fair was very positive from a networking point of view, with clients, suppliers and partners, as it enabled us to continue strengthening ties and establishing new strategic contacts in the sector, commercially and operationally,” adds Muñiz.

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