Erhardt Proyectos has completed delivery of a 255 t transformer complete with accessories in the USA.

It was loaded onto the M/V EIT Paloma in Spain, a heavy cargo vessel fitted with 2 x 350 t cranes and shipped to Newark, where it was unloaded directly onto the barge Columbia NY and shipped along the River Hudson that same night. The following morning the 600 t crane on the barge itself was used to unload it directly onto a special haulage truck.

After a delicate operation lasting more than seven hours, the transformer was delivered to its final location using a ripping system and hydraulic jacks. Two days after the unit arrived in the USA, we delivered it to the power plant in perfect condition.

  • Load: 225 t transformer plus accessories.
  • Types of transportation: sea and lake.

Erhardt Proyectos handles this type of transport for special projects in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, the USA, South America, Mexico and elsewhere.

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