NETERH is a unique digital platform that provides a new way of doing things, based on digital technologies, within the revolution that the logistics industry is currently undergoing. The new line of activity launched by Erhardt Projects provides company logistics managers with different services to facilitate and speed up their work.

Smart Purchasing of Logistics Services – diProcure

Provide your suppliers with a unique space for queries and answers in real time concerning your industrial project cargo transportation logistics needs. Ask for prices easily and efficiently. Receive offers by request immediately and easily and let the technology compare them and choose the ones that best fit your requirements. Learn more

Flexible Logistics Offer Management – diOffer

Work with your corporate team, suppliers, and customers to generate the most viable, most competitive bid possible for each logistics tender in which you are invited to participate. Allow the technology to recommend templates and award reference offers for each tender, thus making preparation faster and easier. Enable bid traceability. View and utilize the data collected in each bid to analyze and adapt your commercial strategy. Learn more

Security in Multi-supplier Logistics Contracts – diContract

Configure low-risk contracts in a simple, personalized way for each type of logistic operation. Let the technology compare contracts similar to the one you need and recommend the most suitable one. Certify your contracts with a digital fingerprint to ensure their traceability and inviolability. Learn more

Predictability and Visibility of Logistics Operations – diOpx

Manage all your project cargo logistics operations from a single location, from start to finish. View the route and status of cargo in real time, from its origin to its destination. Request and obtain images of the cargoes to be transported at critical times such as loading and unloading, and the documents required in each operation. Analyze the data collected in each operation to optimize the process and align it with your business objectives. Learn more

Integrated Management of Super Heavy Lift Logistics Operations – diShl

Anticipate the risks of each super heavy lift operation, assess its impact and associate the most suitable chartering and insurance policy. Make direct contact with the specialists required in such operations. Manage all oversized and/or heavy lift operations from start to finish from a single location. View the route and status of the special cargo to be transported in real time. Obtain images of the cargo at critical times such as loading and unloading. Analyze the data obtained from each operation to reduce risks, assure deadlines, and avoid additional costs in future similar operations.Learn more

Smart Storage – diStorage

Add traceability to items to be moved inside the warehouse or deposited in the field. Allow the technology to intelligently determine what movements are needed to relocate and/or remove items. Get your handling equipment to operate autonomously. Learn more

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