Over these past 10 days, 6 Project Cargo operations with Offshore Wind Power, Energy and Oil & Gas pieces are being handled simultaneously by our teams in different parts of the world.

The increasing presence of our customers in strategic international markets for the development of their business has kept us busy recently on four continents – Europe, America, Asia and Africa – with shipments of heavy-lift components of different kinds – transition columns, transformers, boiler modules – for three of the most Project Cargo intensive sectors: Offshore Wind Power, Energy and Oil & Gas, which are strategic for our business.

In Europe, our Team have successfully completed the transportation from Avilés to Puerto Real of 2 of the 5 Transition Columns for Offshore Platforms ordered by our client, a major domestic manufacturer of high-technology military and civilian vessels. A second shipment with the remaining 3 columns will be made in September, bringing the total to more than 600 tons transported.

Between Europe and the United States, we have transported the first of three transformers odered by a customer which is a world leader in sustainable energy solutions and systems.

The unit was loaded onto a coastal vessel in the port of Gdansk (Poland), calling at Bremerhaven (Germany) for transshipment to a RORO ship that would take it to Newark (New York).  It is currently in rail transit and is scheduled to arrive at its final destination in Columbus (Ohio) in the middle of this month, at which time the transport of the other 2 transformers will also begin. Between the 3 of them, they total about 300 tons.

Between Asia and Africa, our Team are currently engaged in the shipment by sea from China to Mozambique of 6 Boiler Modules totalling 6,836 freight tons for a client which is an international specialist in turnkey projects for industry.

Between Europe and America, at the end of last week we shipped 7 transformers totalling 1,000 tons from the port of Málaga in Spain to the port of Ogdensburg in upstate New York, for the modernization of the largest hydroelectric power plant in that state.

Also between Europe and America, we are currently transporting 2 transformers from Poland to Phoenix (Arizona) for SRP, a non-profit community organization that provides affordable water and electricity to more than 2 million people in central Arizona.

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), from Kalba to Dubai we have transported by barge 5 modules of 400-500 tons each for a major American oil and natural gas exploration and production company. Loading was ro-ro operation using SPMTs. Unloading was done with 2000 ton floating crane. Loading and unloading were carried out on a breakwater, which required detailed feasibility studies (bathymetric study, breakwater resistance analysis…) by our Team.

Our Team are highly committed and give their all in each and every project on which they work as if it were their own. Their knowledge, experience and vision of service ensure that each operation is successfully completed within the time and cost required by the customer.

Their presence on site, where the operations take place, their ability to coordinate all the suppliers involved in each project and supervise them from beginning to end and their skill in managing and resolving any unforeseen events mean that our incident rate in the operations executed to date is tending towards zero.

Our Team are highly committed and give their all in each and every project on which they work as if it were their own.

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