Consolidation of its position as a high-value benchmark in the market. 1 Junio 2020

In the project transport business, vessel charter accounts for 85% of an operation’s total reach.

Erhardt Proyectos has an extensive portfolio of shipowners with protracted experience; it knows the type of vessel, policy and insurance each shipment requires, and it manages each operation as “unique”, constantly adapting to each client’s changes and requirements. This has confirmed the value of its Charter division since its market launch in February this year.

Over these past five months, and thanks to its professional team’s extensive experience and track-record according to the concept of its “to order” arrangements, clients have entrusted us with charters involving single shipments of 9,000 tonnes, multiple charters (from four to 70 shipments) totalling loads of up to 75,000 tonnes, from Spain to different countries around the world.

This concept of “Charter to Order” has enabled us to position ourselves on the market as a trusted brand with holistic services that is competitive and provides clients with real value.

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