Since September 2022, Erhardt Project Cargo and Logistics Middle East has been managing the logistics for a large, far-reaching project involving the construction of a new purified terephthalic acid (PTA) production plant in Turkey. The contract has been awarded to one of our strategic customers in the UAE by a leading Turkish company in the textile industry that produces polyester fibers and chemical specialties.

Thus far, we have been awarded 11 shipments, 8 of which have already been completed, while 3 of them are still in progress. Overall, we have delivered to Turkey 97 different pieces (reactors, columns, crystallizers, condensers, drums, tanks…) from sundry ports of origin (Masan in Korea, Hariza and Dahej in India, Shanghai in China, Antwerp in Belgium, and Bilbao in Spain), accounting for a total of 5,883.9 tons and a volume of 33,391 cubic centimeters.

The safe and secure port-to-port shipment of all these components has also involved the need for detailed engineering for 7 items weighing more than 200 tons each, 2 weighing more than 400 tons, and 2 weighing more than 600 tons.

The shipments have been successfully completed, albeit not without certain challenges. The main one involved the unexpected need to find extra space on a vessel under partial charter for cargoes added at the “eleventh hour” and not included in the initial packing list for the operation in question. This required due and proper hold facilities, ensuring the structural integrity of the new equipment to be handled, lashed, and secured.

All the shipments have called for highly dynamic and complex arrangements. A key to the success of these operations has been the ability shown by Erhardt Project Cargo Middle East to listen to clients and understand their needs, together with the close collaboration between all the stakeholders involved, including on-site transport engineers and local collaborators.

“Proper planning, coordination, and constant monitoring of each and every one of the critical steps, such as reviewing drawings, preparing detailed method descriptions, harmonizing the scope of work with partners and subcontractors, as well as on-site decision-making for adapting to the changes required at any given moment, have enabled us to conduct the operations in a safe and timely manner,” says Manish Javeri, the Company’s Project Chartering & Operations.

“Erhardt’s expertise in handling the various shipments and the engineering support provided have also been a clear factor of success”, affirms Afsal Chalil, Transport Engineer, with this approach being highly valued by our customers, earning us their trust in our professional competence.

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