In Essence

Erhardt is a logistics operator that specialises in the transport of industrial projects according to the concept of “BOUTIQUE & UNIQUE". Backed by our own, engineering, tailor made solutions department, and digitization area, we are in a position to deliver high-value customized solutions to meet each client’s needs, whenever and wherever so required.

Our Solutions

Specialized and deep know-how for tackling major challenges in logistics.

Independent experts in the global charter market

Experts in shipping large, heavy loads safely and efficiently.

Customized door-to-door solutions in logistics catering for every need.

Comprehensive risk coverage in each operation.

Digital Solutions


Improved back-end performance of operations through process digitalization.

Our Hallmarks


We respond in a timely manner


We are quick to adopt any changes required


We accommodate different contexts, situations and needs


Your project is unique for us


We stand by you 24/7


We keep our promises


Through our network of partners, collaborators and agents

We provide our clients with tailor-made, high-value solutions, and we guarantee their end-to-end completion according to the agreed schedule through partnerships and specific agreements with agents of recognised prestige and integrity throughout the world.


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